Pictures of Kathi I'm Kathi Hill and this is all the nitty gritty about me. I was born a long time ago in Kansas City, Missouri, the Show Me state. My parents were Phyllis and Elisha Kane Brown. Phyllis was born a Ginn ("born again") and Elisha was called "Brownie." My only sibling was my little brother, John.

We moved around alot ... from Missouri to Nebraska to Ohio to Illinois, back to Missouri and then to New Jersey. We were still living in New Brunswick, New Jersey when I left for college at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

My junior year of college I started dating Ron Hill and we were married my senior year, while I was an intern teacher at Tooele East Elementary School. Ron was on the law review at the University of Utah when we married but he made a career change after the birth of our first son, Theran, and became an actuary. The next twelve years we moved from Utah to Massachusetts to North Carolina and finally to Oklahoma. We became the parents of five sons and one daughter. I graduated from college the same month I gave birth to our fifth child.

In 1981 I gave birth to our sixth child, Kyle and we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. That Christmas on our way to visit my family in Utah, we were in a car accident that took the lives of Ron and three of our sons: Theran, Bradley and Kyle.

Since that time I have been a widow and single parent. My daughter Heather, her husband Ryan, and my grandchildren Logan, Caleb and Bethie, all live in Arizona. Next month a new daughter will be added to their family. My sons, Garth and Greg, work as web developers for IDI Global. Greg recently purchased a home in Pleasant Grove, Utah and Garth and I live with him. Two of Garth's friends, Brandon and Tom, also live with us.

I work for Gerrit Gong, Assistant to the President at BYU, as the Planning & Assessment reviews coordinator.

I have many interests all centered around nature, education and family. These include travel, rock and seashell collecting, writing, children's literature, genealogical research, drama and music. I was voted "Most Dramatic" in high school, though I am sure I outgrew that distinction long ago. I love humor and especially irony.

When I grow up I want to be involved in a research project or creative endeavor of some kind which brings me lots of money and keeps me from getting bored. But meantime I am a mommy, grand-mommy and executive assistant who is learning web programming from her sons and putting together this website.

Pictures of Kathi