A Portrait of Kathi

There is a part of her hidden from the world
united with the sapphire-crisp sweetness
of a silver-throated sunrise that many will never know.
She speaks of love and views it through a chandelier prism of self.
Her heart is an open book yet few men will ever appreciate
the shining shaft of her sunlight.

She is a poet.
Her thoughts ride side-saddle on the curve of wisdom winds.
Inside the velvet ecstacy of her seeing
waterlily lagoons beckon from old lost falls of time.

She is a mother.
For once in that instant of human desires,
in the melodious dawn of her dreaming she chose a mate.
In the blown seasons of her yesterdays
with the obedient love of a wife she walked
the daisy-starred meadows and mosaic-cut grasses of time.
Then spiked by spurs of sadness she watched
a part of her family ride the night
through skies of no return.

She is a friend.
Many bathe in the refreshing cascades
of her whispered laughter.

She is a child of God.
Still wearing a woven chain of chastity.
Truly when you get to know the real Kathi
you can see that the price of her love is far beyond rubies.

Clara Laster, International Mormon Poet Laureate