Angel Child

Alice, as the August sun curled its hot fingers
about your home two year old Annjanette
rushed after her brothers
heading for the school playground
then, stumbled...

You had no way of knowing this was the beginning,
soon light would no longer make something of her laughter
Annjanette would no longer speak or see
or even crawl.

If only you could turn time upon its side
somersaulting backwards into those early years
before metachromatic lykodystrophy began its crippling effects.

The doctors said, Life expectancy: two months to three years.
She lived to age eleven.

I saw in her a unique story of winter courage,
of a family who pulled forward together
while cradling her fragile body warm in their arms
like a baby.

Annjanette, angel child,
the time has come for you to speak and see
and even run,
may the angels tuck you safely into the Savior's open arms
where your laughter will sparkle
like luminous lanterns in eternity's gardens.

Special child of God
still trailing traces of silver from guardian stars,
He shared your light with us
but now has called you home.