On the Beach

I am lying here atop sand mattresses
blanketed only by slow sea sounds.
Nothing matters now,
only the repeated stroke of wind
gently fingering my hair.

Nearby a sand crab
tosses an armload of sand to one side,
cautiously stares at me
then burrows deep within its silica fortress.

Every inch of the ocean quivers.
It reminds me of how you said my whole body
trembles at your touch.

There is something about the ocean
that fills me with reverence,
waves rushing in from all
angles like a majestic massage.

A man is floating in the waves
like white driftwood on a turquoise waterbed.
He reminds me of you.

Now I realize I was afraid to be part of you
and afraid not to be.
Like the ocean you wrapped me
in the flowing blue silk of your love.

Above the breaking of the waves my unhappiness floats off,
rises high like gray island wind-socks
for now I know I must come home to you.