The White Sands (from A Widow's Wreath)

There is peace
sealed within these sanctuaries of sand
no words could ever capture.

All day we have drifted
like prodigal children trading turquoise
for tangerines,
finding arrowheads deep within the gypsum.

Here where the desert is like an avalanche of snow
we cool our parched minds,
stretching out in wild abandon,

for our hearts are the hearts of lovers.

No longer part of the dust
we sift through silhouettes of time,
reaching heights more ancient than man,
meant for eagles,
Guided by wings of eternity we sail and soar
these million crystals,
discovering an enduring beauty
we look sunward and say
we have found the answer
buried within this silica silence,
the millenial dunes of the White Sands.