Within the Magic of Your Music (from A Widow's Wreath)

Lars, let me pencil a poem for you,
one that snatches words
like twinkling stars from the sky,
stringing them into a portrait of you.

Creator of beauty, you capture on canvas
life in all its vivid wonder

the blues in the egg of a robin,
the purples and scarlets of a wildflower field,

like a rainbow at the end of a summer rain
your artistry renews our hope.

For you see things from an artist's perspective,
slicing your way to the center of things.

"Sweet, sweet, sweet! Sweeter than sweet!"

The song that you sing
like the call of the bright yellow warbler
beckons us to your side,
your creativity spans the senses

clarinet, bass guitar, piano, synthesizer

within the magic of your music
we find the quiet comfort of a tender heart.