Twenty Things You Should Do In This Lifetime
1.Visit the country your ancestors called home.
2. Leave a dollar where a kid will find it.
3. Fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter.
4. Lend money to a friend without expecting it back.
5. Have a suit made by a Seville Row tailor.
6. Ride in a gondola down the Grand Canal in Venice.
7. Teach a class.
8. See the sun rise over the ruins at Machu Picchi.
9. Plant a tree.
10. Fly on the Concorde.
11. Stand on the Great Wall.
12. Make your own beer.
13. See an opera at La Scala in Milan.
14. Learn to speak French.
15. Take a balloon ride over the Serengeti.
16. Hang up on a lawyer.
17. Kiss someone passionately.
18. Play the Old Course at St. Andrews.
19. Shoot the rapids on the Snake River in Idaho