Here is a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the "blue" personality type and a list of what you should and shouldn't do when dealing with them. Remember that these are general guidelines and not universally true.


  • Sees life as a serious endeavor
  • Appreciates beauty and detail
  • Has a strong aesthetic sense
  • Stable and dependable (plow horse rather than work horse)
  • Emotionally deep
  • Analytically oriented (concerned with why people behave as they do)
  • High achiever
  • Deep sense of purpose


  • Highly emotional
  • Smug and self righteous
  • Controlling and/or envious of other's success when too easily obtained
  • Strong perfection and performance orientation
  • Verbally self-abusive

  • Emphasize their security in the relationship
  • Be sensitive and soft-spoken in your approach
  • Be sincere and genuine
  • Behave appropriately and well-mannered
  • Limit their risk level
  • Promote their creativity
  • Appreciate them
  • Allow ample time for them to gather their thoughts before expressing themselves
  • Be loyal
  • Make sure you mean what you say before you present it to them

  • Make them feel guilty
  • Be rude or abrupt
  • Promote too much change
  • Expect spontaneity
  • Abandon them
  • Expect them to bounce back easily or quickly from depression
  • Demand perfection (they already expect too much from themselves)
  • Push them too quickly into making decisions
  • Expect them to forgive quickly when crossed
  • Demand immediate action