Here is a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the "red" personality type and a list of what you should and shouldn't do when dealing with them. Remember that these are general guidelines and not universally true.


  • Excels with logical thinking
  • Committed to a productive lifestyle
  • Dynamic and direct
  • Thrives on independence
  • Natural leader
  • Highly resourceful (strong survivor)
  • Creative in a crisis

  • Generally seeks to serve self
  • Promotes turmoil and conflict with some personal goal to be gained
  • Rationalizes and denies personal behavior
  • Always right
  • Cannot relax and feel comfortable without producing something
  • Often arrogant and defiant of athority
  • Inconsiderate of other's feelings (selfish)
  • Out of touch with personal feelings
  • Won't share inadequacies for fear of losing power and control


  • Present issues logically
  • Demand their attention and respect
  • Be direct, brief, and specific in conversation
  • Be productive and efficient
  • Offer them leadership opportunities
  • Verbalize your feelings
  • Support their decisive nature
  • Promote their intelligent reasoning where appropriate
  • Be prepared with facts and figures
  • Respect their need to make their own decisions their own way


  • Embarrass them in front of others
  • Argue from an emotional standpoint
  • Use an authoritarian approach
  • Use physical punishments
  • Be slow and indecisive
  • Expect a personal and intimate relationship
  • Attack them personally
  • Wait for them to solicit your opinion (they won't)
  • Demand constant social interaction (allow for some alone time)