For us, there are Two Worlds of Being.

The First World is the outer world we live in,
A shell that encases the body, an attitude
That stifles the mind and pretends
That money is the measure of worth.

The First World is harsh, though comfortable,
Alluring, though vain. It is the popular world
Where everyone longs to be, yet once they arrive,
They dream of a new direction. In this world,
Everything costs something and what is free costs more.

The First World is one of wheels and destinations.
Membership dues and limitations. It is a sanctuary
For those who desire conformity in all things.
Here duplicate people wearing duplicate clothes
Speak a language without meaning, and think thoughts
Without substance to their form.

The First World is where everyone lives, yet
No one actually survives. It is an acceptable address
Where you forfeit all that you are for what
You will never become and what you are not
Is what you want those around you to remember.

The First World has power, but no strength.
It is one of mirrors, but no reflection.
In this world, there is success, but no mystery.
Goals, but no journey. In this world,
Boundaries keep ideas from colliding.

The Second World is the inner world of harmony.
Where you can go anytime your spirit aches for company.
Here you can listen to the songs of rocks and leaves and
Embrace the wisdom of rivers and essential things contained in
Raindrops or a flower's belly or the earth's warm breath of spring.
In this world, beauty is companion to mystery.

The Second World is one of joy and curiosity,
A connecting thread to birds and oceans, plants and animals.
The Second World is one of children's laughter, women's songs,
Men's stories, the essence that remains long after the experience
Has passed on. In this world, all circles return.

The Second World is where you can travel
On the wings of dreams or the tails of newborn stars.
This world is revealed through a rainbow's colored eyes,
Or in a spider's silver road between two leaves,
Or even in silence, the kind that follows ecstasy.

The Second World is able to survive without the First,
But the First World cannot last long without the Second,

The Second World offers meaning to existence
While the First World offers existence only.Between these two worlds,
Lies reason, the seam that connects one World to another.

The Second World is yours for no money.
The First World is yours for no effort.

Which one will you choose?