Monkey Bread (Heather Woodbury)
Mix: 2 c. very warm water; c. sugar; 2 t. salt. Sprinkle on evenly: 2 T. yeast (2 pkgs.) Let sit until bubbly.
Add: 2 beaten eggs and stir; 3 c. flour and stir; 4 T. oil and stir; 3 more c. flour. Cover. Let rise until it at least doubles. Roll out on floured surface (1/4-1/2"). Cut into circles. (Tuna can size for bundt pan. Smaller for cake pan or loaf pan.) Stand circles on their side and place into pan (overlapping so that their sides hit the butter and make a butter-covered bottom). Cover. Let rise to the top of the pan. Bake @350 about 1 hr. Turn onto plate. Butter over top for glazed look.