Kitty Beth, Widow Mother of Kai

Skip, JZ and Kai immediately formed a bond, much like Super Glue, that was to take them on adventures throughout the country and all over the tennis courts of the world. But before they were off to parts unknown they loaded up their gold and headed back to Sir Newtie's beloved Kitty Beth.

Kitty Beth was delighted to see them and their gold. She went crazy with delight as she tossed all the green it bought into the air. "Oh, Kai, now I can travel. Now I can buy that condo I have always wanted. And now, most importantly, you can have those tennis lessons I have promised you."

Kai's imagination ran rampant. Now he could be anything he wanted to be. He imagined himself as a knight, a cupid, a basketball star, and, of course, as the tennis pro he would become.

Then his mind meandered still further as he imagined himself in the corporate world, one step above the others, humming his own tune and making his way toward the tennis courts of the Rich and Famous. Who could have imagined this happening to a blonde little hippy guy named Kai!