Kai: His Early Years

Kai was born in the not too distant past to Sir NewtieKai, noted philanthropist and stargazer. Sir Newtie was an aristocrat, but, alas, his love for his fellowman (a love passed on to his son, I might add) caused him to "give it all away" so to speak. He needed money and he needed it BADLY. Day by day he peered through his telescope hoping to catch a glimpse of that elusive Pot of Gold. Then one day Sir Newtie caught sight of a flicker in the distance. He headed off, never to return again.

His beloved wife, Kitty Beth, could be seen staring off across the ocean, day after day, night after night, wondering if Newtie would ever come back to little Kai and her again. Finally that dreaded e-mail message appeared on the horizon of her PC: "You're A Widow!"

In her sorrow Kitty lost track of her identity. She changed from one personality to another, trying to drown her sorrows in costume. What little money she had was spent on beads and bows and sunglasses. Little Kai wondered what was to become of him, too. But no sooner had he thought this thought when the words of his father popped back into his mind, "My son, you're going to be an accountANT and help me find the Pot of Gold."

         Now Kai knew what he must do. It was time for him to meet his destiny. His mother's happiness was up to him. Would she be rich or would she wither away in her widowly sorrow? Would he become an accountANT and fulfill his father's dream or would he be a Rolling Stone gathering moss? Kai borrowed a pair of Kitty Beth's sunglasses, waved a fond farewell and was on his way.