Skip and JZ, Dog Wonder

Meanwhile across the country in a little known woods, Skip and JZ were buzzing along, looking for fun in all kinds of places. They were finding it, too, but still they felt something was missing. Suddenly they heard a voice calling: "Kitty Beth, Kai, Kai, Kitty Beth." What did it all mean?

They thought it must have something to do with cats, so they stopped for every stray cat that passed their way. "Here Kitty Beth, Kai, Kai, Kitty Beth" they would chant in unison. But since all cats look alike in the dark, how were they to find these two?

They asked a cool dancing chicken: "Hey, Dancing Chicken Lady, have you ever met a Kitty Beth or a little Kai?" The chicken said: "Not that I can recall." They asked Dancing Monkey Man, and he said the names did ring a bell, but then the clock was striking Midnight, so that might account for the ringing in his ears.

Skip and JZ were about to call it a night, when in the distance they saw a glitter of hope. What could it be? Skip jumped on the throttle, and soon they were there. In the midst of darkness they had discovered a rainbow, a Pot of Gold ... and a cute little hippy guy named Kai.